Sunday, July 13, 2014

How Many Favorites Do I Get?

I was so pleased with the blondies that I decided to see what else I could conjure in the kitchen. Once again, I turned to Smitten Kitchen for inspiration. Using this recipe I made some very simple pizza dough, raided the fridge and garden, then fired up the grill. I had never grilled pizza dough before and was concerned that it would be very difficult and, ultimately, a giant mess.

I wouldn't say that it was simple, but it certainly wasn't as delicate an operation as I had anticipated. Once the dough began to brown on the first side it became fairly easy to flip. My only regret is forgetting to pull fresh herbs from the garden. Once this project was underway, I only had time to grab a few things out of the cabinet.

I also discovered that this dog, my best boy Gravy, likes zucchini!

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